A marrel skip bin is an improved version of the traditional construction site container. Unlike a normal dumpster, this type can be used as both storage and transportation for building materials such as drywall, concrete blocks, asphalt shingles. This innovation allows workers to quickly move around more product which in turn increases productivity on the job site!

Marrel skip bin sizes

Marrel skip bins are usually made out of steel and come in various sizes, depending on the needs at hand.

The most common being 6x4x2 feet (length x width x height). The bins have open tops for easy loading but come with lids as well if needed. A marrel truck must be used when transporting these containers so they do not fly off during transport due to their weight and size

Advantages of Marrel Skip Bins

Thanks to the compact center of gravity that marrel skip bin affords, short wheelbase trucks can be used in their transport and this helps with maneuverability. As a result these containers are easy to move into spaces that would usually be too small for a long truck.

Marrel Skip Bins are a great option for those who want to keep their driveways and front yards clear of rubbish. They’re designed to be compact, meaning they can easily fit on the driveway or in your backyard without taking up too much space.

Marrel skip bins are perfect for those who need to save space but still have access to large volumes of refuse. They can easily fit in a small driveway or garage and cost around the same price as purchasing an old car, so it’s easy on your wallet too!

Are Marrel Skip Bins affordable?

Marrel bins can stack on top of each other when not in use, which saves space and makes transporting the units easier. While that may not mean much for someone looking to use a Marrel skip bin, it means that for the skip bin hire company can provide marrel bins at a more affordable price.


Marrel skip bins are a great option when it comes to waste disposal because they’re compact, versatile, and affordable too. But if you’re feeling unsure talk to one of our skip bin experts!